Latest Windows 10 impressions – User personalizations

From my first experience with Windows 10 until now, I have been looking for answers to creating a set of personalization standards that would automatically be applied to a new user on the same PC or a new system that is set up in the client company. These kinds of settings can be made fairly easily for any user but they are time consuming. Also, it would be easier to train both new and existing users if their systems all looked the same when they log in. Some of these issues may have solutions that I just haven’t seen/discovered yet.

Since we have a peer-to-peer network, this could be a roadblock that is impenetrable. As a system administrator, I should know how to manage user environments in this way. If you are reading this and you know what is needed to accomplish the settings and standards I am looking to implement, please leave me a comment with this article.

The other quandary I find is integrating Mac laptops into our Windows network. I have no experience with Mac’s at all. I am not afraid of learning this Apple product and its OS since I now have been forced to use an iPhone for the last 4 months. ( That will be for another post. ) There are many things I have uncovered about the iPhone that have made my old Android phone pale in comparison.

I now have both a laptop and a desktop running Windows 10 to experiment with. Sync’ing the two is a goal I am pursuing.
I wish you all success in your efforts to conquer technology for your benefit as you learn how to apply it to make a more productive community in your circle of influence.

I pray for a day when we all will have all the answers we are searching for.


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