Communication Tools – Quip Review

What are some of the most important things that organizations do not do a good job doing? Communicating change and utilizing software and hardware already in their inventory.

When new manager-level employees are hired, they typically want to use tools they are used to using. If they are given carte-blanche to do what they want on their computer and force other staff to learn a new way to do things, the stress level of their employees skyrockets. Negative impacts to their productivity seem to be unrecognized. So here are several types of communication tools that can be misused:

  • Twitter
  • FaceBook
  • LinkedIn
  • E-mail
  • Other on-line apps

What good does it do if you are communicating and no one is listening! You can substitute your company’s application or procedure/program in place of these. If you do not share your goals or dreams, no one will be stepping up to help you realize those goals or dreams. Set up new ways to spell out the goals and how they can be put into operation. Make sure all of the staff members are able to add their value to the proposition. Explore new ways and research each one to see if it could be useable in your projects. A site that has helped me tremendously in my current work environment is – A new way to work  I discovered this tool, Quip, as a result of learning that Slack had many special features that could be integrated into your interactions on Slack. The following information is from the – New to Quip website and other sites within their domain” with minor edits that are written by me.

“Quip is a connected hub where teams create, discuss, and organize their work from any device. Let’s review how this system has helped other organizations.

1. Everyone on the same page
Work is a team sport, so bring your team together through Quip’s living documents. Create, share, and discuss your docs and spreadsheets with your team in real-time.

2.     Communicate without email
Stop managing feedback through long email chains, or juggling multiple versions of a file. In Quip, there’s just one version of your work and every discussion is safely in context.

3. Work together anywhere
Modern teams work from multiple devices throughout the day. Keep momentum rolling with Quip’s beautiful mobile app – create, edit, discuss, and find work away from your desk.

Quip is a productivity suite that combines documents, spreadsheets, task lists, and team chat in one place, so your team can get more work done together.”

Why Quip?

You spend many hours a week working with your team and you should use software that turns your weekly grind into a weekly mind meld.

Quip will make those many hours more productive, connected, and dare we say it, memorable. Forget about the long days, time spent clearing your email inbox, or wasteful one-on-one meetings which other staff will know nothing about. Quip is modern collaboration software that gets everyone on the same page and gives you the tools to do your best work together. You should try it and, maybe, you will love it.

The developers say, “we are real people who care about your workday. We’re crazy about making you and your team awesome. We got your back. Come Quip with us!”

If you relate to the following graphic, you need to do something.

If not a tool like Quip, then research other software that will help you to be more productive and communicative within your business. 

So, are you communicating effectively? Are you spending too much time in meetings that do not produce anything worthwhile? Are your teams not meeting deadlines? Is your staff gun-shy, overwhelmed or planning where to go for their next job?

Take some time and develop some plans to improve this very challenging part of your life. It will make your life more rewarding!



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