Conquering Your Downtime – not computer problems but body, soul and spirit issues

Do you have any experience of being in a downtime where you have lost all desire to participate in life, can’t eat, mentally feel the worst you have ever felt in your life and had physical issues of very disturbing proportions? I have had this experience within the last year. It was an unbearable situation that could have cost me my life.

What do you or I do to get out of this funk? Sometimes there is nothing anyone can do! Your spiral into the pit totally consumes your mind, body and spirit. So, what is the answer? Many people look to their faith for answers. Many people pay exorbitant fees to mental health care professionals who make no earth-shattering diagnosis or medication prescription that helps or relieves these feelings.

After a few weeks, the physical toll on your body has escalated into severe pain all the time. Nothing helps to relieve it. Visits to doctors and hospitals may ensue. Family members are at a loss to assist in relieving all of these issues. Many times their prayers for you and your own prayers are not answered or so it seems. God is not dead but seems to be unwilling to lead you out of this wilderness.

So, you say, how long is this downtime likely to last? Can you restart your system, shutdown for a while and give it a total rest, reload the system with new versions or change out the hardware ( body )? The answer is a resounding no. None of that will aid in delivering you out of your pit of despair.

Maybe, there are so many outside influences and irrational fears that the situation seems totally hopeless. That’s how it was for me.  I couldn’t see how my current situation could ever resolve these factors. It just didn’t make sense and my brain was totally frazzled.

But, there is more to the story. I’ll complete this saga in my next post.

Don’t read too much into this story of woe – wait for the rest of the story ( with apologies to Paul Harvey ).