“Microsoft Complete” Customer Support – NOT!!!!!

Here is a saga of great frustration with Microsoft Complete customer service on a laptop ( a Dell Inspiron 15 with an AMD CPU, 15.6 ” touchscreen, 8 GB memory and 1 TB hard drive ) I purchased in June of last year – 2016. By the way, I paid about $130 for this 2 year support agreement on both hardware and software.

I had ignored the fact that the Wi-Fi connection would not connect until this week. I know that was stupid but I thought I was doing something wrong – not that it was a hardware failure.  I final decided to deal with this beginning on February 27, 2017. I spent 5 hours on the phone in total on that 1st day while having a Microsoft technician remote into my laptop using my hardwired connection to my router at home.

He ran the same diagnostics that I had. I must have told my story over 5 times to various people I talked to on my calls that day. I was given two choices to resolve my hardware problem.

  1. Take my laptop to one of four stores in the Bay area – a distance of 100 – 125+ miles one way for me from a suburb of Sacramento, CA. I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a store in the state capital area! They would repair it or replace for an additional fee. I was also told there might be a deductible of $50-100.
  2. Send my laptop in and wait 2-8 weeks for it to be returned to me. LOLROFL!!!!

I talked to the support line twice on the February 28, 2017 ( the next day ) but wasn’t able to hear or understand what was being said to me. So, the gentleman I was speaking with last that day said that he would call me at 8:00 AM my time on Wednesday. Needless to say he did not call at 8:00 AM. I was able to get through to someone who explained he was the only one taking calls to tier 3 and had to take inbound calls and couldn’t call me because of this.


As a result, I decided to contact the closest store and see what my options were if I brought it into them.  The manager I spoke with was very accommodating and I made an appointment to meet her at her store on Friday early afternoon in Corte Madera which is near Santa Rosa on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge – a 200 mile round trip..  Her name is Addy. I would recommend her very highly because she was someone at Microsoft who really seemed to care about my concern.

She offered to get me the best price she could on a replacement laptop as mine was no longer available. I was going to pay about $50 to get a new one which was equivalent in features.

Later on Wednesday afternoon, I was contacted by a “manager over tier 3 – Microsoft Complete support”. He offered me the option to do what is called an advanced exchange. If I sent my laptop to them, they would send me a replacement once they knew mine was en route. I was able to print a label that night and packed my system in the original packaging and took it to the UPS store near me the next day – Thursday, March2, 2017. I received a tracking number for my laptop I was returning which I followed. I did not received the promised replacement laptop Saturday,

March 4,2017 at all. That replacement laptop was never sent! I should have kept the appointment I had made with store in Corte Madera and ended it there. But, hindsight is always better than foresight, right?

If you feel like I do, this is a reason to believe all of the other similar stories I have found on the Internet about Microsoft’s poor commitment to fulfilling their responsibility to its customers.

As much as it is my power to do so, I will never buy another hardware product from Microsoft. I wonder if they support their own hardware like the Surface platform, or the Windows phone or Xbox. Comments are very welcome and share this story everywhere you can.

I will comment if and when I receive what was promised me. I have tried to contact the person who promised me the replacement 12 times since our initial conversation with no success or answers to my voicemails. I also spoke with the manager I was potentially going to visit and she said she would do her best to help me.

It is so bad that I would almost encourage my clients to drop Microsoft’s products from their systems and go to Linux and Google apps or move to Apple exclusively for hardware and software. I always said I would never buy an Apple product due to their excessive pricing. Maybe never was too harsh on Apple. I was forced to get an iPhone but that’s another story. I am adjusting to it and feel there is a lot to be learned about things IOS will let you do vs. an android phone.

I will be sending a copy of this post to every on-line community I can find and expose Microsoft every chance I get!!!! Figuratively speaking – I would camp out on their executive offices and protest vigorously about their inability to solve customer’s issues.

I finally received the replacement laptop promised after 10 business days from start of support call to arrival of the system. This resolution time is absolutely unacceptable.

Do you agree? Somehow I finally got the attention to get this sent to me but they delayed for so long that they could not get it to me overnight so I would receive it on March 9th.

The person I was talking to starting Wednesday – March 8, through the 9th and 10th – was the same person who did the remote diagnosis on Monday, February 28, 2017. Unbelievable!!!!!

I believe Microsoft Store executives should apologize for their inability to meet “Microsoft Complete” customer’s expectations of a 24/7 response and this should have been resolved on the first time I CALLED!!!!!

My new address for e-mail will no longer be an outlook.com address but an icloud.com one. I will continue to detail this experience on every Microsoft related forum I can find. So far that list is – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and I intend to post it in Microsoft Community Forums as well. The Microsoft Community frequently does not answer queries with complete answers or links to solutions. Terrible user support in these forums just like I received by phone.

I have to say that the laptop I received was a far better one than the one I purchased. The initial laptop had a retail price of $699 and the replacement was a list price of $1099.

This was the only thing that went my way in this whole experience.

I hope no one else I know has customer support failures like mine. There are many more stories like mine that I have heard unfortunately..

The lesson I learned from this is “Don’t take no for an answer or a ridiculous requirement for long distance travel or deductibles that shouldn’t be required. Use every avenue that you can find to escalate the problem within the company that is failing you.”